Pre and Post workout meals

Nutrition is king when it comes to fitness goals. I find that most people do not eat enough (yes you need to eat more to lose fat as well as gain muscle) And timing of meals is important as well. I suggest keeping carbs closer around your training.

Carbs = energy/performance and recovery.

Pre-workout meal should be about 45-60 minutes before training. Keep it small and not too heavy. Choose foods that digest easily. Include a small amount of protein, a fat and a carb.

Some ideas for a pre-workout meal:

Yogurt with granola/fruit

Banana with peanut butter

Oatmeal with almond butter

Protein Shake with handful almonds/cashews

2/3 hardboiled eggs with banana or multi grain bread

Post workout nutrition is vital for muscle repair and recovery. Immediately following an intense training session you want to replenish glycogen, which is your muscle's energy. You also want something that gets into the muscles very quickly and begins repairing them fast. The goal is to restore glycogen levels after training, reduce recovery time, repair and rebuild muscles. My go to is a whey isolate shake and dextrin type carb, like what's in the 1st Phorm post workout stack <<<click here to learn more and for free shipping

Shakes are great post workout because they are easily digested and get into your system quickly. Also, I find I am not hungry right after training, my hunger kicks in about an hour after, so a shake is a great way to get nutrients without having to eat a meal.

Look for a good quality, no carb/sugar, low temp processed whey isolate protein like Phormula 1

Other great post training meals:

Protein Pancakes

Tuna Wrap

Eggs and cream of rice

Chicken/Beef with rice/sweet potato

The important thing to remember is to EAT!! If you have any questions, or for coaching, online fitness or competition prep hit that contact button or shoot me an email at