6 Week CARDIO/CORE Holiday Challenge

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

We are 6 weeks away from 2020! It's a great time to get a jump start on New Year resolutions. Or mayb you need a plan tokeep you on track through the busy holidays, or want a challenge to add to your current routine. Each week I will be adding new weekly workouts and nutrition tips.

This challenge can be repeated or done anytime you want to change it up or add into your current routine.

You can modify exercises to accommodate your fitness level. If you have questions on how to do that, you can email me at Rosebfit1@gmail.com

WEEK 1: 3-4 days per week

1. Stability Ball Crunch: 20 reps 

CARDIO BURST: High Knees run in place 30 seconds

2. Vups on bench or floor: 15 reps

CARDIO BURST:  Squat Jumps 30 seconds

3. Side Plank Dip :15 reps (each side)

CARDIO BURST: Burpee 30 seconds

4.  Ball Pass: 15 reps  

Lie face up with arms above head and ball between legs. Bring arms and legs up to meet and pass ball between legs and hands

CARDIO BURST: Box Jump 30 Seconds

Repeat entire circuit 3 x

Nutrition TIP:

Drink up: We all know this, but, like so many, we don't always drink enough water throughout the day. If you struggle with the taste, try adding lemons or cucumber slices. If you want some extra fuel and nutrients, add some flavored branched chain amino acids (green apple is my fav) to water between meals or during training. A good rule of thumb is 1/2 - 1 oz per pound of body weight.

Week 2: 3-4 days/week

1. Decline Bench Situp: 20 reps

Cardio Burst: battle ropes 30 seconds

2. TRX Plank(or floor plank) Knee to Elbow: 15 reps

Cardio burst: Wall ball  30 seconds

3. Russian twist with Ball: 20 reps

CARDIO BURST Ball Slam: 30 seconds

4. V-up: 15 reps

Cardio Burst: Skater 30 seconds

Repeat entire circuit 3x

Nutrition TIP:

Make sure you are getting enough lean protein through out the day. Foods like chicken breast, eggs, lean beef and fish. For people that struggle to get enough protein, I recommend shakes. They are a great way to add protein without having to fix a meal and are very cost effective (about 1.65 per serving) Look for a meal replacement like Level 1

that are sustained release, low temperature processed and are low in sugar and fillers.

Week 3: 3-4 days/week

1. Rope Crunch: 20 reps

CARDIO BURST:  Box Jump 30 seconds

2. Decline Bench Knee to Elbow: 15 reps

CARDIO BURST: Ball Slam (standing) 30 seconds

3. Russian Twist Ball Slam: 20 reps

Holding a medicine ball with both hands, sit on a mat with your knees bent 90° and feet flat on floor. Lean back until torso is 45° to the floor, making sure abs are engaged. Optional - Lift feet 12" off floor and twist to right, bring ball back to center then twist to left.

CARDIO BURST: Rowing Machine 30 seconds

4. V-up: 20 reps

CARDIO BURST: Jump rope 30 seconds

Repeat circuit 3x

Nutrition TIP:

Sleep is not necessarily related to nutrition but it is vital in your fitness/fat loss goals. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels and decreases insulin sensitivity. Both are less than optimal conditions for fat loss, recovery from training and production of GH and testosterone Aim for 6-8 hours each night.

Trouble sleeping? A few TIPS to improve quality of sleep

1. Create a sleeping routine, go to sleep and wake at the same time

2. Reduce blue light exposure before bed

3. Don't consume caffeine late in the day

4. Take a supplement like NIGHT T that contains melatonin, GABA, valerian root & 5 HTP

Week 4: 3-4 days/week

1. Ab Wheel: 15 reps

CARDIO BURST: Burpee (advanced: use Bosu Ball) 30 seconds

2. Plank Knee to Elbow (advanced: use TRX) 15 reps per leg

CARDIO BURST: Jump rope (advanced:Tuck Jump) 30 seconds

3. Russian Twist with Kettlebell or ball: 20 reps

CARDIO BURST: Wall Ball 30 seconds

4. Bicycle Crunch: 30 reps per leg

CARDIO BURST: Step ups 30 seconds

Repeat entire circuit 2-3x

Week 5: 3-4 days/week

1. High to low plank on Bosu Ball: 15 reps

CARDIO BURST:  Battling Ropes 30 seconds

2. Decline Bench Leg Raise: 15 reps (straight leg or knees to chest)

CARDIO BURST: Ball Slam 30 seconds

3. Side Plank Dip and Leg Raise: 15 reps per leg

CARDIO BURST: Mountain Climber on Gliding Disc 30 seconds

4. V-sit on bosu ball: 15 reps

CARDIO BURST: Jumping Alternating Lunge 30 seconds 

Repeat entire circuit 2-3x

Week 6: 3-4 days/week

1. Dead bug: 20 reps (shown: keep low back pushed into floor)

CARDIO BURST: Wall Ball 30 seconds

2. Side Plank dip on bosu ball: 15 reps each side

CARDIO BURST: Mountain Climber on Gliding Disc 30 seconds

3. V-up: 20 reps

CARDIO BURST: Rowing Machine 30 seconds

4. Alternating toe touch(laying on floor)  20 reps (10 each side)

Laying on floor bring left hand to right toe, then right hand to left toe

CARDIO BURST: Alternating knee skip jump 30 seconds

Repeat circuit 2-3x


For any program to be effective, following a good nutrition plan is vital. A few TIPS to follow:

  • caloric intake aligns with your goals

  • you are getting enough protein

  • your food sources are clean, healthy choices

  • eliminate processed foods

  • be patient and consistent

If you have any questions, would like to set up a consultation or get started on a nutrition plan, CONTACT ME here