About Me

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am an IFBB Pro, personal trainer, nutrition & lifestyle coach. 


My passion for fitness began at a very young age with my mother, who was an aerobics instructor. She emphasized the importance of exercise and clean eating. Then my love for bodybuilding  started when I was 18. I got my first taste of lifting and competing and was hooked. 


After  many years of training and competing, I stepped away from it to raise my 2 kids. I remained in the gym throughout those  years but did not compete. I returned in 2008, began competing again in 2010 and received my pro card in 2013. 


My goal as a trainer and coach is;

#1 to educate and inform my clients. Understanding why you are doing things leads to better choices and success. 

#2 to guide you to lead a healthier, better life, feel good, and look good.  I want this to become part of who you are and your lifestyle. 

#3 provide support, not only in your fitness goals but in personal growth as well.  Creating a healthy body and lifestyle is not just about our physical body.  Our mental, emotional,  and spiritual states are a big part of our well being. 

I work with each client and their individual needs and goals. We work together to find the right fit for you, for your goals and to find what fits in your life.  Jobs, kids, and life can be hectic, so I work with you to find what best works for you. We will work together to  FIND YOUR FIT!