HUMP Day training

All the social media hype about gluteus these days is crazy. As with any other hyped fitness fad, these IG famous fitness celebrities go to all lengths to "stand out" or make it seem like what they are doing is different and some magical secret to build a booty. They make up crazy exercises or focus on accessory movements that look fancy or cute. I am here to tell you, while some of those movements are ok, they should only be in ADDITION to the meat and potatoes of gluteus/leg exercises! Another thing to remember is we are developing the legs, especially hamstrings, along with the gluteus...unless you want that Kim Kardashian, all butt no leg look.

Below are the most utilized, foundational exercises I incorporate into programs for my clients. They will build and shape legs and gluteus better than any fancy IG exercise.

Here are the basic, tried and true movements that work!! (in no particular order)

1. Squats

2. Dead Lift 3. Lunges 4. Romanian Deadlift 5. Seated leg curl 6. Hip Thrust 7. Leg Press 8. Back extension (gluteus focused) 9. Step ups Foot placement and stance will determine if the movement is more gluteus, hamstring or quad focused. TIPS: (in addition to training) to develop great legs and gluteus 1. CONSISTENCY

2. Follow a good nutrition plan based on your goals


4. Change up rep ranges, weight load and exercises every 6-8 weeks


6. Be patient

Consistency is the theme because everyone wants immediate results but foget it takes CONSISTENT work. Wether it's building muscle, losing weight,or toning and shaping, it all takes time and CONSISTENCY. Don't expect to workout for 3 weeks, miss 2, come back for 2, miss one and wonder why it's not working. Stick to it religiously month after month and the results will show.

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